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2018 Burgundy Vintage Report

          It’s no secret that 2018 was a gorgeously sunny vintage across most of Europe. We all seemed to enjoy the relentless sunshine that kissed us from June through to September, and Burgundy was no different. 2018 was the warmest year on record in the region. However, one must delve a little deeper into this grandiose statement to really understand the vintage, as the subtleties of the weather in 2018 are key to its character.
          The key to success of the vintage is the picking dates which have become important in recent years, and in 2018 were crucial. While some started earlier and, some started later, the sweet spots for picking appear to be from the 25 August to the 1 September for the whites and the 2 - 8 September for the reds. The 2018 harvest stretched almost six weeks from start to finish. This extended period explains the various wine styles, although viticulture and vinification techniques played a strong part.
          No-one was expecting the bountiful yields that the Chardonnay produced, but arguably it was the abundance of the crop that shaped the character of these Bourgogne wines and was, in part at least, responsible for the quality and classicism that one finds up and down the Cote de Beaune. What is so remarkable about these wines is their freshness and drive. Here is a lovely vintage with for once, some volume behind it, and for many, they have made a once in a lifetime vintage.
          Since last year, all the hype about 2018 has focused on the red wines, but the whites should not be forgotten in this vintage as they are great. However, there is no doubt that the best red wines are stunning and sit very comfortably in the finest ever decade in Burgundy’s history. Gevrey-Chambertin seems to have flourished in this vintage and Romain Taupenot’s village Gevrey is the best he has made to date.

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