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Wine Tasting

10AM - 11AM

Blind Tasting with
Matteo Montone MS
and Ronan Sayburn MS

Leading Master Sommeliers Ronan Sayburn MS (CEO of The Court of Master Sommeliers Europe) and Matteo Montone MS (Maison Estelle) will kick off the morning with a blind tasting seminar. The seminar will put your skills to the test while Ronan and Matteo give their expert advice for blind tasting techniques.

Glass of Red Wine

11.30AM – 12.30PM

American Terroirs of the West Masterclass

Hosted by Flint Wines’ USA Ambassador Rachel Dixon, this masterclass will delve into the terroirs of the American West with Carlo Mondavi (Raen Winery), Diana Snowden (Snowden Vineyards), Justin Willett (Tyler Winery), Gavin Chanin (Chanin Wines), Randy Ford (Cristom), Greg Harrington M.S (Gramercy Cellars)

White Wine

2.30PM – 3.30PM

An Exploration of German Winemaking Masterclass

Join host Jan Konetzki for a masterclass on the Mosel Valley. Come and discover Germany’s oldest wine growing region and its uniquely fine wines.

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